Upcoming Product Line Changes

I am sure many of you have heard through the Stampin’ Up! grapevine that it was announced in Tuesday’s updates from the Stampin’ Up! home office that with the release of the new Annual Catalog on June 3, 2019 there will be a few changes to product lines previously offered in our catalogs.

Stampin’ Trimmer Discontinuation

Stampin’ Up! has decided to retire the Stampin’ Trimmer as of June 3, 2019, including all accessories — replacement cutting blades, scoring blades, and cutting mats. We’ve experienced challenges with our supplier and are taking the opportunity to research and explore a replacement option for this product, which will not be the same as the current Stampin’ Trimmer. There will be a gap in time between when the current Stampin’ Trimmer retires and when a new product becomes available, but we do not currently have an estimated timeframe. Once we feel confident in the new offering, more details will be shared with you.

While the replacement cutting blades will also retire with the trimmer and will not be featured in the annual catalog, we have what would normally be six months of inventory based on recent historical patterns to help during this transition away from our current trimmer. When the retiring list goes live on April 15, the order limit for the blades will increase from three (3) to six (6) (and the limit will remain at six (6) until they’re no longer available). And from now until September, we will receive intermittent shipments from the supplier. Throughout these months, we anticipate times when the blades will not be orderable (and not offered as a backorder). During those downtimes, you will have the option to enter an email address to receive notification when the blades are available again.

If you wish to set aside a few blades now, or get a trimmer before they are gone for good (I really love mine and will hate to see it go!), below are quick links to my online store:

Product List

Die-Cutting and Embossing Product Line Changes

Stampin’ Up! is also making some big changes to our die-cutting and embossing product line that will give us a better opportunity to support the long-term vision we have for the line. While we’ve worked with our current supplier for many years, we’ve had the opportunity to reassess this relationship. After extensive research, demonstrator feedback, and evaluation, we’ve decided to move in a new direction.

In our pursuit of a better overall die-cutting and embossing product line, we’re experiencing more significant challenges than we originally planned for, including some transition issues like the die inventory problems we experienced beginning in March.

Rather than rush something to market, Stampin’ Up! continues to evaluate their options to make sure that they offer a die-cutting & embossing machine that is of high quality, thoroughly considered, and a dependable product. As such, we will not offer a die-cutting & embossing machine in the 2019–2020 annual catalog. Our product development department is moving with responsible haste to work through this issue, and we will share more information as things are finalized.

However, we will offer new dies and embossing folders in the 2019–2020 annual catalog. Since we’re using a new supplier, the dies and folders will be manufactured differently; this means the way you use the new style of dies and folders will be a little different than how you used the old style. Both the new-style and old-style dies and embossing folders can work with any die-cutting & embossing machine, including the Big Shot, (in some cases, adaptations like shims may be required because the gap between rollers on machines may vary slightly between manufacturers). Another change required in this transition is to the terminology we use to refer to die-cutting and embossing products.

If you want to stock up on fresh cutting plates and other accessories for your Big Shot, below are quick links to my online store:

Product List

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