It’s Finally Here … The 2018 Holiday Catalog!

The 2018 Holiday Catalog for Stampin’ Up! went live to customers on September 5, 2o18!  If you are already an active customer of mine, you should have received a complimentary copy of the catalog in the mail in mid to late August.  If not, I have plenty of copies handy and would be more than happy to send you a copy for you and/or your friends.

August was a tough month for me and my family.  We found out that one of our beloved pets had cancer and we had to make that “quality of life” decision that no pet parent ever wants to have to make.  We had a health scare with regard to my Mom (she’s 78 and hates the phrase “people your age”) and she had some tests done on Wednesday to see if her symptoms are heart related or something else.  Then there’s the mechanical issues of the upstairs A/C unit deciding it didn’t want to cool that part of the house so it made even thinking of spending time in my craft room unbearable.  We finally bit the bullet and called out a service technician and thankfully he was able to keep it going with adding more Freon (original units to home built in 1992 – it’s just a matter of time).

So, now that we are starting a new month and I have lots of new products to play with keep a lookout for new posts from me with some amazing projects.  The new stuff in this catalog will blow your mind it is that good!

Thank you for stopping by.  Until next time, stamp on my friends.


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