3-D Convention Swaps

The are a variety of items that are swapped at Convention each year — the most common are full cards or card fronts, but you will also see people wanting to swap scrapbook pages and three-dimensional (3-D) items.

I am fortunate to have some really terrific uplines (and uplines of uplines) who give their members little “thank you” gifts each year.  They are usually filled with candies or Stampin’ Up! products and are always greatly anticipated.  Amy Storrie and Jann McCollom are part of my upline and below are the gifts I received from them this year.

Amy Storrie (cello bag is filled with candies):


Jann McCollom (muslin bag is filled with lavender):


Below are some other 3-D items I swapped in exchange for one of my Bird Seed Favors from my wedding.



DSC06735 DSC06736I got some really great ideas from these swaps.  How about you?

Thanks again for dropping by.  Come back tomorrow to see what I have to share with you.  Until next time, stamp on my friends.


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