Out of Service

Well friends just when I thought the universe had dealt me all I could handle, this morning I slipped going down the stairs in my home. I dislocated my ankle (if only I taken a photo to share with you – it was like one of those sports clips where a guys leg is in an impossible position). The EMS guys had to give me Ketamine so they could reset it at the scene to restore blood flow to my foot. Now that was an experience all on its own – a nightmare actually.

Long story short, I am scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, March 13, and will likely not be able to get to my craft room anytime soon since it is upstairs. I just hope I recover enough to be able to attend OnStage Local in April!

I will share posts with you when I can. Hugs!


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  1. Susan says:

    So sorry to hear about your adventure on the downhill inside slopes…lol I hope you get fixed up soon! Maybe someone will bring you your supplies once you feel like it. Prayers for you and the or team.

  2. Susan says:

    Ps I hope the Russian judge gave you a 9.9! Make sure to bedazzle your cast. I pray all went well today. Narcotics are your friend. Get well soon!

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