OnStage Bound

I am on my way to San Antonio, Texas to join over 800 other demonstrators for training and inspiration as we are introduced to the new products in the upcoming Annual Catalog. I have seen some sneak peeks from the OnStage Live event in Auckland, New Zealand and I can say that what I have seen is FANTASTIC!

My day started off a bit on the rocky side. My husband and I boarded our dogs for this trip and one of our dogs — JoJo — is newly adopted.

She is not quite 2 years old and was surrendered by her original humans after about a year and again by an adoptive human after 2 days just a few days before we adopted her 2 months ago. I was nervous about boarding her in fear that she would think she was being abandoned again. Sadly she pulled out of her harness as we were walking towards the runs but thankfully did not run off once I called her name. I had to struggle to carry her the last 30 yards or so as my husband and kennel employee weren’t paying me any attention as they had our other dog, Ella. Needless to say I cried for a while after leaving them this morning. I just feel like a terrible human right now. Am I the only one who loves their dogs this much? Surely not!

I will have a long drive to San Antonio today. My husband is self-employed as a food and beverage broker and has planned numerous client calls along the way (and likely a little out of the way). I hope I can manage to not strangle him before we get there. We are traveling in my vehicle and he is a bumper rider; he texts while he drives; and he is constantly on his cell phone. Our conversations so far have consisted of “Me: school zone; Him: Would you just let me drive! … Me: Would you please put that phone down; Him: Would you please let me drive! Me: But we are approaching stopped traffic you need to pay attention; Him: I need to work. Me: If I need to drive so you can work I will.” If you hear a story about me on the news, this is the back story! We haven’t even left Dallas yet!

My fun begins tomorrow. I will share as much as I can with you as soon as I have it. Stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by. Until next time, stamp on my friends.


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  1. Lisa Haden says:

    Wow….I really enjoyed reading that! Made me laugh at the “usualness” of the comments while driving with the hubs. I love my dogs that much too, by the way….I need so much to go to the office to work to be more productive, but most days I stay home and work because they get so sad and depressed just as soon as I start getting ready. They know getting dressed to stay home vs getting dressed to leave the house. My kids say that a couple of them literally lay by the front door all day or the entire time that I’m gone….and just cry. If they flippin love ME that much…That’s not even possible as a human to love that much, they deserve for me to try to stay focused at home and just be present. Enjoy your trip and I hope you have a very successful show!!! Talk to you soon Linda!!! Hugs….

  2. husband says:

    Husband here…….Ss she states theres a back story here……nuff said. I love my wife
    She signed up for this……she knows the consequences. I love my wife

    Halway down. i realized I like my wife
    30 more minutes I tolerate my wife

    We made it safe to San Antonio. I love my wife

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