My Digital Studio Digital Downloads March 12, 2013

Get in touch with your inner awesomeness this week with our latest downloads.

  • Check out the Made to Be Awesome Framable. Download it. Print it. Frame it. And remind yourself often how truly wonderful you are.
  • If you’ve ever asked yourself what does, “LOL, BRB, IMO, or YNK” mean, then check out the FTW Stamp Brush Set. (You’ll thank us later when you actually understand what your favorite teenagers are saying.)
  • And, once you’ve caught up with all the lingo, use the Seriously Teen Kit to document teen life-epic style.

So, be totally awesome today and go get these great downloads. L8R. (As in, see you next week.)

Seriously Teen Kits – Digital Download
Item # 133475 $9.95 (preferred price)


Made to Be Awesome – Digital Download
Item # 133466 $2.95 (preferred price)


FTW Stamp Brush Set – Digital Download
Item # 133500 $5.95 (preferred price)

If you haven’t tried My Digital Studio yet, try it FREE from 30 days.  If you have a digital craft program, our MDS digital images are compatible (available in both Windows and MAC formats)!  Find out more about the FREE trial version available by download.

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