Happy Owl-oween from Spooky Cat

Have you ever had one of those days where it seemed it would have been best if you had just stayed in bed with your head buried under the covers?  Well I think today was one of those days for me.

My day started about 4:30 AM – I couldn’t sleep and then I smelled something that indicated to me that my blind dog Rosie wasn’t able to get downstairs and out the doggie door quickly enough during the few hours I was actually asleep.  So there was that to deal with and afterwards I was not in the sleeping mood.

When I married my husband a little more than three years ago, I became a grandmother to Jayson who is 10 and about to turn 11.  He plays baseball and now football and of course he has both games on the same day.  Today’s games were at 10:45 AM and 1:30 PM, both in Frisco which is about 30-40 minutes from where we live depending on traffic.

Our usual routine is to stop at Einstein’s Bagels along the way for breakfast and Gary refills his large cup of joe to go.  We were about 10 minutes away from the baseball field when all of a sudden there was this blinding pain as a very hot liquid spilled all over my left leg.  Yes, you guessed it – as Gary was putting his coffee cup back down into the cup holder in the console it slipped out of his hand and flew into my lap – it was a full tall cup!  I soldiered on; sadly Jayson’s baseball team was defeated 14-7.  Also his football team was defeated 26-0.

So one would think that was enough for one day, but you would be wrong.  Our “puppy” Ella is sometimes more than I can manage on the leash and lately she has become very interested in hunting geckos and squirrels whenever we go out for our potty breaks.  This evening as I was preparing to take our three dogs out Ella lunged as I was opening the door causing me to smash my left hand / knuckles into the door.  I now have a couple of bloody knuckles, a very large bruise and a nice sized goose egg between my first and middle fingers.

So this very long explanation leads into today’s project.  I had extra pieces from yesterday’s card design (I had made extra just in case I messed up my first attempt) so I made some slight modifications to yesterday’s card design and came up with this:

It is supposed to appear as though the owl is wearing the sign around his neck.  Not sure I accomplished it though.  Instead of a leaf wreath in the upper right, I used the Patterned Pumpkins Thinlits dies and cut the pumpkin with the stars cutouts from vellum which is supposed to represent the moon.  Again, not sure I accomplished that look.

Here are the Stampin’ Up! products that I used in the design of this card, all of which can quickly be added to your shopping cart by clicking on the thumbnails below:

If you have any questions about any of the design elements of this card, do not hesitate to contact me.

I am not sure how much flexibility I will have in my hand tomorrow so if there is not a blog post, then you will know why.  Rest assured I will return to creating cards and other paper projects just as soon as possible.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you leave here inspired to put stamps to ink to paper.  Until next time, stamp on my friends.


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