Coming Soon to Gladewater, Texas

While on our road trip to Shreveport last weekend so I could attend Stampin’ Up! OnStage Local, my husband made some customer calls along the way.  (He is self-employed as a “food broker” which is kind of hard to explain, but simply put he represents numerous lines of food and beverage products as their “agent/representative” and sells their products to restaurants, etc.)  One such stop was to hand-deliver two tubs of ice cream to The Screen Door Antique Mall in Gladewater, Texas for their brand new ice cream bar in their antique shop.  I got the opportunity to meet Mark and Lola, the owners, and was tickled by how quickly the customers began streaming into the shop once word got out that the ice cream had arrived.

Before we left on our trip, my husband (whose name is Gary by the way), suggested I bring along some of my hand-made cards “just in case”.  So, while the men were talking, Lola and I talked about Stampin’ Up! and my cards and she asked if I would want to put some of my cards in her shop–which is just what I was going to ask her, and fortunately I already have card racks!

So, coming soon to The Screen Door in Gladewater, Texas, will be hand-made cards and paper crafts made by yours truly!  If you happen to be in the neighborhood, please drop in, look around and have some ice cream.  If you want to know more about what’s happening at The Screen Door, here is a link to their facebook page.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Until next time, stamp on my friends.


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