Painted Harvest on a Candle – Part 2

The next step in candle stamping is melting the stamped tissue paper into the candle.  You will need a Heat Tool and regular straight from your pantry wax paper.  Here is the finished project:

Here are the next steps to complete this project on your own:

Tear off a strip of wax paper that is long enough to wrap completely around your candle AND leave you enough extra to fold over to create and handle in the back so you have something to hold onto when using the Heat Tool.

The candle that I used in my project is 2.8″ in diameter and 5.5″ tall.  I was able to fold my piece of wax paper in half before wrapping it around the candle.  You will want your wrap to be tight and smooth.

Hold the Heat Tool approximately 2″ or so from candle and move slowly across the areas where the tissue paper is attached.  Do not hold in one place for too long as you will over heat the candle.  You will notice the areas of the candle being heated start to get shiny which means the wax is melting; be sure to move on to another area.  Once you believe you have heated all areas, roll the candle with the wax paper still attached on a smooth flat surface, then carefully remove the wax paper.  If you can still see outlines of the tissue paper in some areas you will need to repeat the process in those areas; you will get best results if you use a new piece of wax paper (fresh wax on the paper).

If you decorated both sides of the candle (which I did – it is the same on both sides), do one side at a time.  Always use a fresh piece of wax paper.

Wait for candle to completely cool before attempting to buff out any rough places on the candle that may remain.  I have been told, but have not yet tried, that using a pair of nylon stockings will buff out the rough spots.

Here are the Stampin’ Up! products that were used in the design of this project, which can all be quickly added to your shopping cart by clicking on the thumbnails below:

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you leave here inspired to put stamps to ink to paper.  Until next time, stamp on my friends.


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